26, 36

February 8, 2010

I’m just a couple of months shy of my 36th birthday, and as of today, I weigh less than I’ve weighed at any time in the last ten years. The weight loss has really changed the way my face looks, and when I look in the mirror, I don’t see what I expect to see. It’s the same face, and the same weight, but I certainly don’t look like I did the last time I weighed this amount, back when I was 26. It’s a little disconcerting.


Liquid Diet Lifesaver

November 19, 2009

After a fill, I usually stick to protein shakes, coffee (always), water, and skim milk for my two-day liquid diet.  After today’s fill, however, I was unusually hungry, and since I was fixing lunch for my family, I decided I’d heat up some soup that I could have, too.  We had a carton of Pacific Foods Curried Red Lentil Soup in the pantry, so I poured two cups into a bowl and heated it in the microwave.

What a revelation!  It’s smooth and creamy — no chunks to trouble the newly ratcheted-down bandster –and it has an amazing sweet-spicy flavor.  If you like curry, you will love this soup.  The coconut milk base gives it sweetness, but it also packs a little kick — enough to wake me up on a drizzly and cold fall afternoon.  All that flavor for only 140 calories per cup.  With only 5 grams of protein per serving, you wouldn’t want to drink this soup for every meal, but if you’re anything like me, you’ll wish you could.


Non-Scale Victory

November 15, 2009

Went to try on jeans today, because my old ones are literally falling off.  I’ve lost two sizes!


Working the Band

October 25, 2009

Here’s something I’ve noticed since getting banded: I never feel full.  I ate lunch about an hour ago, I feel right now like my upper stomach — the pouch — is full, but I don’t have that warm, satisfied feeling that you get after filling your stomach.  You know, that wave of contented well-being you feel after eating the perfect amount, enough but not one bite more?  I don’t think I’ve felt that since before my pre-op diet, and while it’s certainly a sacrifice I’m willing to make, I didn’t expect it.  I thought that stimulating the “Hey, I’m full!” response from the upper portion of the stomach would create the same satisfied feeling that I got before surgery, but for me, so far, it doesn’t.  It’s interesting.  Definitely something to get used to.

Today was my first day of solid food after my most recent fill, and I’m definitely feeling restriction.  I’ve noticed that my fills give me good restriction for the first week or so, and then seem a little more forgiving — still tighter than before the fill, but looser than immediately after the fill.  Right now, I feel like this fill could be my sweet spot.  We’ll see how restricted it feels in a week or ten days, but I think I’m definitely either there or very, very close.  What a relief!


Fill #5 and Some Good News

October 22, 2009

I had another fill today (I think it was #5), and I’m up to 9.4 cc in my 11 cc band.  I had really been dreading the appointment, but it turned out to be great.  The nurse was really encouraging and reassuring, and told me that it’s been their observation that people with the Realize band take a little longer to get good restriction, but that by the end of a year, the results are comparable to those of patients with the Lap-Band.  That made me feel better about the fact that I haven’t lost as much or as quickly as I wanted.

I’ve been doing pretty well with food and exercise, and I’ve done a good job of adhering to the dietary laws of gastric banding (i.e. don’t drink with meals, eat protein first, and so on…).  After my last appointment, I upped my protein goal by about ten grams a day, and I think it’s helped.  Exercise was challenging this month because I had a big flare (fibromyalgia) and had too much pain and fatigue to exercise for almost three weeks.  I made sure to get back into exercising as soon as the flare was over.  My family and I had a really fun hike last week, and I’ve been taking my son out for walks to make the most of our recent balmy and dry weather.

My home scale is still hovering around the same low-water mark, and I was getting frustrated by that, so I decided to get out the tape measure and do a little investigation.  My clothes are fitting differently, and I’m down one size, so I felt pretty sure I’d see some change if I measured myself.  Ten pounds ago, I measured and didn’t see any change in inches, but today my measurements showed nine inches lost!  Wow!  That felt great.  The scale at my doctor’s office showed a three-pound loss over the last three weeks, which was fantastic.

After my fill, I reviewed my diet and exercise routines with the nurse practitioner.  I told her that I’ve been aiming for 1000 calories per day, but have been so hungry that I’m eating more like 1200.  She thrilled and delighted me by double-checking their dietician’s recommendation and telling me that I was supposed to be eating 1350 calories a day for loss!  That extra 100 calories is really going to make a big difference in how much I beat myself up!


Non-Scale Victory

October 5, 2009

I had a NSV today that will probably seem small to some people, but was a big accomplishment for me, and a real confidence booster.  I ate sensibly, I didn’t overeat, and I drank water.  I’ve had 828 calories and 55 grams of protein.  My calorie goal right now is 1000/day, and my protein goal is 55-63 g/day.  I’ll probably have a cup of skim milk right before I go to bed, and that will put me at goal on both.  It also keeps me from waking up ravenous in the night.  Because of fibromyalgia, I wake up several times each night, and if I’m hungry every time, I sometimes end up grabbing a snack from the kitchen.  Not good.

I’m also feeling good today because this morning I cracked a new “decade” on the scale, going from 260 to 259.  I never want to see a six in that middle position again!


The L Word

October 3, 2009

orange(Loser, that is.)

Getting a fill is always good for me; it increases restriction, but more importantly (so far): it puts me back on a liquid diet.  For a couple of days after a fill, I only have liquids, and I always lose a pound or two.  I’m sure some of that is bloat, but it’s exciting and motivating to see lower numbers.  It’s like when my son does the on-the-floor balance beam at gymnastics; it creates confidence.  This morning I was two pounds lower than yesterday morning, and I’m feeling pretty good about it!  I’m a loser!

I have a challenge coming up next week.  My partner has to go out-of-state for work, and Prince Biscuit and I are going along, which means travel food.  I’m planning to pack a box of protein bars, and I’m hoping our hotel will have a restaurant with some healthy menu items.